LFTS Sept 29 2011

Looking Forward to Sunday


Thursday, September 29th, 2011                              By Brent Russett



            Downtown site pastor Matthew Laker is dealing with houses these days. Their house is on the market – someone is looking today- and they are looking for something in Ottawa. In fact, they are going to be in Ottawa in the middle of the week next week, to look for houses. They are looking for are looking for a three bedroom place for the five of them, plus  pets. (I think at this point either renting or buying are options) If you know of a place that might be suitable please email him at matthewlaker@gmail.com

For people at the Grosvenor site, it is our tradition to decorate the sanctuary during Thanksgiving with goods that can then be donated to the Mission for Men, or other place working with impoverished people. If you would like to donate to this cause you can either bring non perishable goods this week to church, or you can drop it off at the office next week during office hours. (9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

Many churches in the city are participating in a prayer walk next week. In the past we have found prayer walking Old Ottawa South as a very interesting activity. God seems to do unexpected things right after we pray. I want to urge you to join in with the city and prayer walk your own community. To find helpful hints on how to do this, go to the Mission Ottawa website. http://missiono.ca/ Lets join with the people of God from across the region to pray for our city next week.

This is the time of year when a whole lot of people are checking us out. I just want to encourage you to go out of your way to speak to someone you don’t know. A smile and a conversation goes a long way.


Sunnyside seems to be hard on its worship pastors these days. Darren is now better from kidney stones – Yeah! Joel has tendonitis and can’t play the guitar for 6 weeks – Boo! Praying for him would be good.

Every so often someone brings me a message that the Spirit of God has laid on their heart for the church. God has been speak – they have been listening. I have decided that instead of keeping those messages to myself, I would share some of them with you by starting a blog. If you are interested check it out at







I have 19 books to read for my courses in January. The one I am reading presently is “Theology in the Context of World Christianity” by Timothy Tennent. He makes the case that Christianity, while in decline in the west, is growing dramatically in Africa, Asia, and South America. (Africa has a net gain of 16500 Christian every day). Christians in the West are outnumber by Christians in other parts of the world by a two to one margin. Theology has historically been centred in the west. However, given the fact that the ethical issues we face are often faced more directly by Christians oversees, we need to listen. While we are good at theory they are good at practice.


Issues like “Is the God of Mohammad the Father of Jesus?” or  “What about poverty, or healing, or community?” Tennent makes a great case that we in the church in the west need the global church a way more than they need us. In many cases, I think he is right..


Looking Forward to Sunday

This Sunday I am speaking downtown. Pastor Darren is speaking at the Grosvenor site. The lectionary text for this Sunday is Philippians 3:4b-14 and Matthew 21:33-46




Grosvenor bulletin


Grosvenor sermon



Sundry Information

Sunnyside Wesleyan Church is located at two sites:

The Grosvenor site is at 58 Grosvenor Ave, Ottawa, ON. The service times at the Grosvenor site are 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. (Map)

The Downtown site is at Alumni Theatre in the Jock Turcot building on the University of Ottawa  Campus. (Map)   The service time at this site is 10 a.m. Services  in both locations usually last about 75 minutes.

We are also located virtually at www.sunnysidechurch.ca, or sunnysideottawachurch.com or swc.on.ca (we are virtually very present)


If you want to be removed from this mailing list e-mail office@sunnysidechurch.ca  If you know someone who wants to be added to this mailing list have them send a note to office@sunnysidechurch.ca  If you want to email me personally write to brent.russett@sunnysidechurch.ca   I love hearing from you.




Baby Dedications are happening this Sunday.


Please bring a food item to dress up the Sanctuary for Thanksgiving.  Items will then be donated.


Stephanie Vizi is starting a group for girls ages 6-10.  Please contact: stephanie.vizi@sunnysidechurch.ca.


Thanksgiving @Silver Lake: October 9th at 5:30pm Last names A-L bring a salad, M-Z a dessert.