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Sunnyside General Fund

Clicking the button below, you can use your credit card or PayPal account to give to the general operating budget of Sunnyside.

Sunnyside Mission Fund

Clicking the button below, you can use your credit card or PayPal account to give to the Mission fund budget of Sunnyside.

You can see your money at work everywhere you look around Sunnyside.

Friendships forming over coffee after the service. Children learning about the Bible through a high quality Sunday School curriculum. Teenagers living out their faith grounded through the Ray youth group. University students who are shining Christ’s light on campus. Adults working for Christ no matter whom their employer. Missionaries who are changing the world and being changed in the process.
Each of these ministries is possible because of donations from Sunnysiders. Without the tithes and offerings of our congregation it would be impossible to offer ministries that help people become fully developing followers of Jesus.
Imagine… What would happen if all of Sunnyside’s congregation became regular givers?

These are just a few things that are possible:

More lives radically changed

Deeper personal relationships with God

Greater impact on our city

Expansion of current ministries

Creation of new ministries

Easy ways to give

1. Give on Sunday
A collection is taken during each Sunday service. Offering envelopes can be found in the pews at the Grosvenor site. You can call the office to request a box of offering envelopes with a number preprinted on each envelope that identifies it as yours. This saves you time because you won’t need to fill out your contact info each time and also helps the tellers and the office be more efficient.

2. Give online

See PushPay or PayPal above

3. Give with automatic withdrawals
Never worry about forgetting your chequebook again with this convenient monthly option for automatic bank withdrawals.  Email  For automatic withdrawals from your credit card, use PushPay For more information about these giving options, contact Church Bookkeeper, Kyle B., at 613-730-9411 or .

Is there accountability for how my donation is spent?

There are systems in place to ensure accountability with donations throughout the process from the tellers who count the money on Sunday morning, to the independent audit which is performed annually.
Donations are recorded by the church treasurer, so the pastoral staff do not know how much individuals give.
Copies of the budget and annual report are available at the end of the fiscal year in April.

Recommended Reading

  • “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey
  • “More than Enough” by Dave Ramsey

These titles are available at the Ottawa Public Library.

Listen to a sermon on giving

At this link