I’m New Here


What to expect before the Service



You are welcome at Sunnyside. We talk about our Sunnyside where you “can come as you are, no perfect people allowed.” You do not need to dress fancy. Just come as you are.

The service times are 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. (The services are same in terms of the sermon and music)

There is only one service @ 10 a.m. in the Summer – starting the May Long weekend and ending Labour Day Weekend.


If you arrive by car, you will find that our parking lot is really small, but it is usually easy to find parking on the streets around Sunnyside.  (The #7 Bus drops people off right at the church)


When you walk into the foyer

You may be greeted by a number of people in the foyer. There is often a pastor or two wandering around there as well. You will find that there is a hot cup of coffee (or if you prefer tea) waiting for you at the coffee nook. Help yourself – and yes, you are welcome to take your coffee into the sanctuary.



If you need to use the washrooms, head through the double doors, and go downstairs and you will see them right away. (If you need to use the lift, ask one of the greeters at the sanctuary doors and they will get the key and help you with the lift)



If you have kids two and under you can take them upstairs to the nursery. If you are concerned about how they will react, the nursery workers will give you a buzzer. If your kids need you, the workers can get you. Kids over two, go into the sanctuary with you. They will be dismissed about 20 minutes into the service. (They come to the front and the pastor prays for them. You are welcome to accompany them to the front and down to Sunday School to make sure that they settle in.)


There are a lot of young families with kids in the 9 a.m. service, and a lot more students and older families in the 11 a.m. service.


What to expect in the Service


The service is approximately 75 minutes long (give or take 5 minutes)



There is no reserved seating, so you are welcome to sit where your like. (Except on the platform 😊)


Kind of Service

We are not interested in making the Sunday morning service a “good show”. We are neither slick nor polished. We tend to casually follow the church calendar. We try to do things that will facilitate rather than distract you from encountering God. Our hope is that the people who come to church will connect with God. We believe that scripture is God’s word, so you will hear it read. You will hear people pray, – which is simply talking to God. We will sing together as a congregation – and most of the songs we sings are really prayers that we are praying together. You are welcome to participate in these things or just observe. We want you to connect to God at your own pace.


An offering will be taken. The offering is not for new people. It is one the ways that people who regularly attend can give. The sermon is usually 25-30 minutes in length. It is hoped that you will find it relevant, thought provoking and that it will help you take a step towards God. After the sermon there is about 15 minutes of worship and prayer before the service ends.


What to expect after the Service

The end of the service

One of the pastors will usually close the service in prayer. After the prayer most people sit down for a few moments.


Meeting People

We encourage people to introduce themselves to the people around them. Don’t assume that the people around you have been coming to Sunnyside forever. They may be practically new as well. Introverts often make a beeline for the door. (And that is ok) Others stay in the sanctuary or foyer and talk for a while.


Connection Card

If you filled out a connection card and give it to a pastor, they would pleased to say “thankyou for visiting” by giving you a small gift. In you put the connection card in the offering plate or the communication box in the foyer, you will get an email from a pastor again just to say thanks for coming. (If you give your email you will not be repeatedly spammed)



If you would like prayer for something, ask one of the pastors. They would be happy to pray for you.


Why did you come to Sunnyside?



What we believe

Theology is what we believe about God, and that affects how we approach God. Everyone, whether Christian or not, has a theology. We choose to ground our theology in our Wesleyan roots. This arises out of and informs the denomination we are a part of. This means that we tenaciously affirm the essentials of historic Christian orthodoxy and we give grace and latitude in the non-essentials.

• The Bible is inspired by God and is authoritative in all matters of faith and conduct.

• There is one God who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

• Jesus Christ is God; we affirm his virgin birth, sinless humanity, and his divine miracles. We also affirm his atoning death, bodily resurrection, and ascension. He continues to mediate for us and he will come again.

• Humanity is spiritually dead because of sin. Our only hope is the merits of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Salvation is a free gift of God, received by faith, accompanied by repentance. The Holy Spirit applies Christ’s work to our lives, giving us spiritual life.

• The Holy Spirit empowers believers to live holy lives that positively affect those around us.

• The Church is made up of all people in whom Christ dwells.